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Uluru Field of Light.

The completion of the ‘Field of Light’ in Uluru is a clear indicator of the capabilities and versatility of LED lighting applications. Uluru’s night light will never be the same again, transformed by a sea of brilliant solar powered LED colors.


Uluru Field of Light 3


The 50,000 low-wattage LED lights have shown that LEDs are practical lighting alternatives that will change modern lighting. For a long time now, LED strip lighting is heralded as the next step in eco-friendly, efficient, and durable lighting solutions. But what makes LEDs the preferred modern lighting fixtures? Here are a few facts about LEDs you might not know.


Uluru Field of Lights LED Bulbs Last Ten Times Longer Than Incandescent Bulbs


Uluru Field of Lights 2


You will have gone through ten incandescent bulbs before one LED bulb burns out. In fact, LED bulbs do not burn out. They are replaced once their luminosity drops by 30%. The reason behind LED bulb extraordinary lifespan, which stands at 50,000 hours, is due to their cool nature. They do not overheat, a factor that makes most incandescent bulbs burn their filament, hence LED bulbs will burn on for quite a considerable amount of time.

LED Bulbs Are More Energy Efficient

Imagine the kind of power it would take to power a whole field of 50,000 incandescent bulbs. If the person behind the ‘Field of Light’ went with incandescent bulbs, Uluru would probably go powerless whenever they switched on the Field of Light. LED bulbs, on the other hand, require less power to emit constant brightness. If you use LED Strip in your home, you will realize a significant drop in your utility bills.

LED Bulbs are Versatile.

You get LED bulbs in various colours, unlike CFLs or incandescent bulbs. Also, LEDs come with adjustable brightness hence making LED Downlight applications especially versatile and suitable for places where luminosity needs to be controlled.

So, if you want to change a room’s natural lighting into something spectacular such as creating an artificial sky indoors, LEDs are the perfect solution.

However, some unscrupulous manufacturers are out to make a quick buck. They do not follow the recommended manufacturing process and end up flooding the market with subpar LED lighting applications. Always make sure you get your LED strip lights from a reputable quality supplier if you are to make your own ‘Field of Light’. Otherwise, you will not enjoy all these advantages.


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