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LED Strips – Modern Kitchens

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LED Strips – Shop Displays

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LED Strips – Commercial Applications

LED Strips

Led Strips a favorite compared to the traditional halogen.

LED Strips is a popular option. It’s no longer a secret that LED Lighting is a favorite compared to the traditional halogen and incandescent light bulbs. Away from the energy efficiency, durability and user friendliness, there is the benefit of variety with lighting designs. Like other versatile LED light components, LED strip can be used for various applications, and they are shock resistant. Even though led strips have become popular you need to know the factors that enable you to get best your needs.

 LED Strips – Length

You need to check the length of the strips you are about to buy. You don’t have to stick with basic length alone, but you should also check the number of LEDs within a given strip length. It’s wise to go for strips that come with more diodes per meter or yard. If you choose a strip with LEDs fixed too far from each other, they will give off weak illumination compared to strips with LEDs knotted close together. You need to compare different strips from various sources since they don’t come with the same specs.

LED Strips – Brightness

Led strip technology is not static. As improved strips continue to flood the market; the diodes come with superior light emission capabilities. Apparently, it doesn’t mean you will be wrong to pick Led strips that have reduced light intensity. In some settings, you might not be comfortable if you install strips that are too bright. Led strip brightness; also measured in lumens, determines ideal spots where you can fix them. Remember, your preference will help you select the perfect brightness for your applications.

When you assess the colour temperature of LED strips, you need to know that it’s something different form the actual color of the LED light. Here, the temperature is used to denote the differences between the white shades that the LED can produce.  You can classify the temperature according to how the light appears. Typically, you can refer to the Kelvin scale where higher temperatures are represented by blue shades medium temperature for warm colors such as the ones emitted by Led downlights.

Decoration purposes

Led Strip Lights are best when you want to add decorations to your space. You can use them under cabinets in the kitchen to add interesting details to your kitchen. You can also incorporate their use in the bathroom as a mirror decoration. There is in fact no limit to the many ways that you can use LED lighting for decoration due to its flexibility.

Choosing the Best LED Strips for Your Project

Light is important in everyday life. With this importance sources of light vary immensely depending on a wide range of factors such as the area of application, the intensity required and cost to name a few. LED strip lights are among the most recent developments. They come with a range of advantages, among them low consumption, ease of installation, wide selection of colours and durability. Before installing a strip lighting system, here are some important factors that must be put into consideration:

  1. Location – LED strip lighting is created for both indoor and outdoor use. Light requirement in all of these areas vary accordingly hence the need to identify an appropriate location for the light. Common areas where the lights are fixed include above or under the cabinets inside the building, ceiling covings and skirting around the house, pathways, stairs, around doorways and as decoration for special occasions.
  2. Colours – LED strips are available in varying colours. Colour maybe used to depict an emotion or produce certain illumination. Choosing the right colours ensure the required illumination is required. When choosing lights for an occasion, it is important to consider colours that rhyme with the theme of the event. If to be used in a room, it is paramount that the lights produce colours to rhyme with the appliances within.
  3. Safety – in any installation, safety if of great importance. Strip lights are produced with ratings. The IP33 is the standard strip, but is not waterproof. While this strip maybe less expensive, it is not ideal for installation outdoors or areas where it will be exposed to water, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Where as IP67 is a waterproof LED strip. Protected with silicone gel, the strip is ideal for use in areas where contact with water is expected such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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