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Flexible and composed of a multitude of LEDs, the LED strip is a lighting system that adapts both indoors and outdoors. Clever, it can be used in all the rooms of the house (or almost) to create an auxiliary lighting, a main lighting or even to obtain a resolutely modern decoration.

LED Strip lighting that is suitable both indoors and outdoors!

Easy to install, the LED strip finds its place in furniture as well as in the infrastructure of the house (terrace, staircase, ceiling, etc.). On the lighting side, there are both shades of white and multicoloured RGB, for a personalised decoration.

On this page, we will present you multiple ideas for using LED ribbons both indoors and outdoors. From the kitchen to the bedroom, via the garden, no room in the house is left behind when it comes to lighting; Ready to give in to the temptation of LED strips?

LED strip inside applications

Decorative or practical, LED strip systems can be installed in any room of the house. In damp rooms (bathroom or kitchen), be sure to choose a suitable and certified system.
To decorate a hallway in a contemporary way
In homes or large apartments, hallways can be long and monotonous. If you want to keep them as a circulation space between rooms only, consider LED ribbons. Installed along the baseboards or on the wall, they create a luminous conductive thread.
You can opt for a remote controlled LED strip. The controller box allows you to choose a color for your LED strip, to change as you wish. Here is an idea to decorate your hallway in a contemporary and original way!

To frame a mirror with LED Strip

Get inspired by YouTubers and give your dressing table a new dimension, thanks to the LED tape. Choose a fairly flexible model and surround the frame of your mirror with it. For the lighting to be useful, choose shades of white that do not draw too much on the yellow. This will save you some surprises with your makeup.
If you have a large, frameless mirror in a room in the house, consider LED tape. Installed behind the mirror or all around (depending on the fixing of the latter), it creates a luminous halo which highlights it. It’s also a good way to have a fill light, especially if your tape is plugged into a light switch.

To light up your dressing room LED Strip Lights

You can install low voltage ribbons (12 or 24V) as ornamental lighting in a dressing room, using double-sided tape. Do not hesitate to opt for more illuminating models at the top of the dressing room, and to lower the intensity in the boxes. This creates a subdued, yet practical, light while giving a little luxury side to your closet even old.

LED Strip to illuminate a staircase that is too dark

Here’s an idea for changing wall lights or ceiling lights installed above the stairs. Illuminating a staircase that is too dark by installing indirect LED lighting on the risers allows it to be illuminated without providing a blinding light.

To accentuate the steps of the stairs with LED Strip

From a more aesthetic perspective, LED strips can become real decorative elements that highlight the geometry of a staircase. This is a solution to remember when you have a straight staircase in light or dark wood.
Installed on the risers, the LEDs create mood lighting, especially if you opt for an original color such as blue, purple or even pink.

To emphasize the handrail of the stairs with LED Strip Lighting

If you prefer discreet lighting, consider the stair railing. Fixed along the entire length under the ramp, the LED strip also offers indirect lighting while emphasizing an architectural element. This is more decorative than practical use.

To decorate a teenager’s room in a futuristic girly style

Forget the neon lights to decorate a teenager’s room, and opt for the LED strip! More flexible, it can thus be positioned both on the frame of a door and on the wall. You can also give it the shape you want, because the LED strip is more or less flexible. So now is the time to let your imagination run wild.

To illuminate a gaming room

If your teenager is a geek or a gamer, use this type of lighting to create a very colourful and yet quite subdued atmosphere in his gaming room. LED strips can be installed on any surface and adapted to different dimensions. They can therefore be used to underline a decorative element as well as to create real lighting in the room.

To create indirect lighting behind the headboard

Here is an original idea which changes from the electric garland installed near the bed. LED strips offer a more powerful light, which can be controlled in particular thanks to control box systems.
However, be careful not to fall into bad taste or style with this type of lighting. We favor coloured or soft lighting in girly shades: pink, blue, purple.

To showcase objects in a shelf

As in the dressing room, an LED strip fixed in the upper part of a shelf or a bookcase provides lighting inspired by luxury stores. This light, however quite discreet, highlights the objects, like a spotlight.
If you want to have a very subdued mood light in the evening, nothing prevents you from leaving only the furniture illuminated.

To exacerbate the modern side of kitchen furniture

Modern kitchens are often made up of cool colors or materials. Forget the wooden kitchen; opt for stainless steel or marble-type coatings, shiny materials, etc.
By installing colorful LED lighting in the room, you add an extra dose of modernity to the room. Purely decorative, this lighting solution simply highlights the different elements of the kitchen, such as the cooking area or a central island, for example.

To create a very modern kitchen

Get inspired by trendy restaurants and bars to decorate and choose your kitchen lighting. The LED ribbons – in bluish tones – match perfectly with stainless steel furniture to create a modern atmosphere.
Be sure to choose a waterproof and IP44 certified LED system for that wet room, such as in the bathroom or outdoors.

To create additional lighting above the worktop

As part of a kitchen made of dark materials, such as dark wood or a black coating – typical of the industrial style – LEDs offer an aesthetic lighting solution. They thus make it possible to highlight an element of the kitchen such as a niche, storage shelves or even a beautiful worktop.
LED strips certainly have a purely decorative aspect, but they can also be a useful lighting system. Installed just above the worktop, they provide localized lighting. Opt for a white light, in order to have clear and powerful lighting.

To dress up a long kitchen

This tip is particularly suitable if you have opted for a long kitchen. They are usually found on a single wall, in a room open to the living room.
Depending on the desired mood, opt for a classic white or yellow light, or for a more pop shade such as blue, green, purple, etc.

To illuminate the inside of drawers

Thanks to LED strips, so that you don’t spend hours searching for a utensil or product in the back of a poorly lit drawer, secure the strips in the drawers to create discreet, but useful lighting.

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