LED Strip Lights Benefits

LED Strip Lights Benefits, you must have certainly heard that using the energy efficient LED Strip lights has far-reaching benefits to the users. However, you may not understand how good LED lights are for you. There are many options of LED Lighting, including LED Strip Lights, Led Downlights and LED Panel Lights to mention just a few.

Comparing LED Strip Lights to the other light energy saving methods.

You will find that LED lighting is the best and smart solution you can go for. Below are some reasons why you should consider using Led strip profiles as your energy saving illuminating strategy.

Outstanding operational long life LED Strip Lights

Long life is perhaps the most lucrative benefit that comes with using led lighting. Both led lights and their diodes are known to have an outstanding operational long life that can  reach up to 100,000 hours. This means that you can use these lights for about 11 years using them continuously. The same translates to 22 years of 50% of operation. In essence, if you use these bulbs for 8 hours a day, it may take you about 20 years before you need to replace the bulb.

increasing demand for energy efficient

Led profiles are also known to be energy efficient. In fact, it is one of the core reasons why the bulbs were made. With the increasing demand for energy efficient, clean and eco-friendly illuminating solutions, Led Profiles have done a good job. They offer the smartest solution you can find in the marketplace. When compared to conventional and traditional lighting systems, they are estimated to have an energy efficiency of between 80% to 90%.

Lost as heat

Traditional incandescent light bulbs have an energy efficiency of 20%. What this means is that you will be paying for energy bills where 80% of the energy was lost as heat. The fact that led lights have a long operational lifetime helps to improve on the efficiency of the bulbs. This means that you will be able to save for longer. By the time you are replacing the bulbs, you would have saved enough to buy a dozen more of the same.

Resistant to vibrations, shock, and external impacts

When looking at a reliable illuminating solution, ecological friendliness is an important consideration. The first thing about led lights is that they are free from any toxic chemicals. A dozen of the conventional fluorescent bulbs have a number of materials such as mercury, which are hazardous to the environment. Led lights are exceptionally durable as they are made using sturdy components, which are extremely rugged to endure the roughest of conditions. LEDs are known to be resistant to vibrations, shock, and external impacts. They are therefore the best choice for outdoor lighting in rough conditions.

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