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The Led Strip Installation Guide, nowadays we notice that LED technology and more precisely the LED strip take a very large place in our lighting. LED lighting is used more in our homes, in shops, in bars, and restaurants, and it is installed on textiles to create bright costumes.

Low voltage LED strips (12V or 24V) are very economical because they really consume little energy, and are very ecological thanks to their lifespan. Over time we notice that the technology around the LED strip has greatly evolved, we now find LED strips that are able to be used as the main lighting of a room thanks to their strong brightness. Or ribbons that will be able to offer color change (RGB) with the possibility of having a variable white (CCT), you can thus navigate between a colored atmosphere and the different temperatures for the white lighting.

Why use an LED strip for lighting?

The LED strip has become the solution to obtain modern and designer lighting. With ever more innovative technology, there is a multitude of LED strips. That’s why there will usually always be a solution for your lighting projects. The LED tape can be stuck thanks to its self-adhesive back. It is also flexible, so it can be installed on a curve or rounded corners. In addition to all these LED strips, you have at your disposal an incredible amount of accessories that will allow you to easily install and easily manage your lighting.

Indeed, thanks to the different aluminum profiles for LED tape, it will be very easy for you to integrate the tape into your installations. We all dream of being able to turn a light on or off without having to move, with the range of radiofrequency controllers you can manage all the LED strips that are installed in your interior as well as all the products in the range (connected bulbs, spotlights, interior, and exterior).

LED Strip Installation?

Before embarking on the purchase of LED equipment, it is necessary to know what the LED strip needs to function. Our tapes generally operate at 12V or 24V, so it is essential to power them via a 220V / 12V or 220V / 24V LED transformer. These power supplies can come in different formats: desktop (laptop charger type), industrial (equipped with a screw terminal block for connections), or waterproof (with bare wires for connections), the trick is to take the power supply according to its installation so that it is the most practical and efficient.

After the power supply, there can be a control system, then there is everything: Infrared controller, radiofrequency controller, small rotary dimmer, low voltage switch and most recently a WI-FI gateway was released which allows controlling the LED strips with the smartphone!

To fix the LED strip it’s very simple. As they are equipped with a self-adhesive back, you just have to remove the protection and stick your tape. So be careful because the surface must be smooth, clean, and degrease free for the adhesive to be effective. Otherwise, it is possible to reinforce the adhesive with a touch of glue/silicone sealant.

In some situations, you will not be able to simply use the self-adhesive backing to install your LED strip. Simply because at the level of the finish, the result will not be pretty or will not look professional. Rest assured! This is why there are aluminum profiles dedicated to LED strips, there are all shapes. “V” profiles to be able to embed them, flat profiles to simply put them on the support, triangular profiles to install them in the corners and there is still much more.

How to power and control  LED strip?

The majority of our LED strips operate in 12v or 24V, it is low voltage. These LED strips are more resistant than direct 220V LED strips and they consume less energy. Another advantage of working with low voltage LED strips is that you can power them with nomadic solutions. Indeed there are at your disposal mini rechargeable batteries 5V / 12V / 24V and 12V battery boxes. With these solutions, you can be freer in your travels with LED strips.

To come back to LED power supplies on sectors, as the installation possibilities are diverse and varied, there are several types of LED power supplies. If you have an installation in a humid environment such as the bathroom or the kitchen, it will be necessary to move towards a sealed power supply. If you do not have an electrical outlet but only electrical wires at the installation of the tape, you can use our industrial power supplies which will allow you to screw the power wires directly onto a screw terminal block.

As for LED strip control, there is a large amount of LED controllers. Depending on the LED strip you use, the controller will have to be adapted so that your installation is fully operational. There are manual controllers, with remote control, infrared, radiofrequency, multizone. Ultimately with this wide choice of models, you are bound to find the one that suits you the most.

Where can LED Strips be installed?

First of all, the LED strip can be installed in any room of your home. Whether it is to have decorative lighting to create an atmosphere or as a useful light source, the LED strip will satisfy you.
It can therefore be installed in the house:

  • Behind a TV cabinet or on the ceiling in the living room
  • Under high furniture to illuminate a worktop or below kitchen furniture
  • In a handrail or on the stairs
  • Behind the mirror or in the shower bathroom
  • In the headboard, under the bed, or in the bedroom dressing room.
  • Embed in the terrace, on the arms of the awning, or in an outdoor pergola

The LED strip can also have its place in a professional environment. Sure you can highlight the window, furniture, or countertop of your trade with LED ribbons. It is also possible to illuminate your bar or restaurant by creating light atmospheres according to the decor of the place, by installing an LED strip on the bar, on the back bar to highlight the glasses and bottles, or on the furniture in general.

In a completely different register, the tape can be adapted to an installation on textile. While respecting certain installation instructions and recommendations, it is quite possible to attach a ribbon to a garment in order to create an LED costume. With a mini-battery or a battery box as a power supply, you are completely free to move around where you want while being bright; whether on a personal basis, for a show company, or any other organization.

We supply a wide variety of fibre cables through Optic Fibre Lighting, which can be used for end emitting (end glow), side emitting or (side glow), side sparkle for decorative effect fibre optic lighting applications and last but not least bare fibre which is used for star ceilings.


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