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LED Strip Australia: Learn More about LED Strip Profiles and LED Panel Light

LED strip Australia are LED Lights that are becoming the most popular option among homes and organizations. They are growing with time to become more innovative and functional in terms of indoor designs for homes. LED Strip light is also called LED ribbon or Tape. It enables users to add energy saving lighting in their homes and workplaces. These lights are available in two major types. These are colour transforming and single colour LED strips. Colour transforming strips are used to create realistic and attractive light in homes. These LED strip lights are used in different places as the best lighting option. They are used by many people because they are easy to cut to the right length.

LED strip Australia profiles

This LED strip light provides professional mounting for rigid, linear or flexible LED strip lights. It comes with deep recessed housing to fit strips of varying widths. It also allow for cupboard lighting, bookshelf lighting, cove lighting, desk hutch lighting, cabinet shelf lighting and ceiling lighting among others. This lighting is mostly made of sturdy extruded aluminium that has been anodized. It is available with clear, frosted or etched lens options. Some of these lights come with mounting clips that are compatible with SBL Pro series.

LED panel light

This is designed for commercial and residential suspended grid ceilings. If you are looking for the best basement lighting, office lighting, sign backlighting, light box, school lighting, gym lighting and hospital lighting, this is the best option for you. You can use it to replace your existing fluorescent troffer lighting fixtures. You can also use it for the applications of your new construction. Using Even-Grow technology combined with diffused optical lens, this light delivers flawless, smooth illumination wall that does not have visible hot spots or bulbs. It is powerful and bright yet is requires minimal electrical power.

Looking for the Best LED Strip?

Basically, if you are looking for the best lighting option for your new home or office or if you want to replace your existing lighting, you need to consider these lights. They provide a great lighting option for display shelves and bookshelves. They can solve lighting issues in different areas while creating a warm shine. They are also great for lighting areas with curves because they enable you to light curved niches and individual niches. Additionally, you can use colour changing strips to light a bar or any entertainment joint. LED strip lights are also great for lighting workplaces and desk locations.

LED Star Lights

We supply a wide variety of fibre cables through Optic Fibre Lighting, which can be used for end emitting (end glow), side emitting or (side glow), side sparkle for decorative effect fibre optic lighting applications and last but not least bare fibre which is used for star ceilings.

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