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Are LED Panel Lights Better Than CFLs? Advantages Of LED Lighting and Why You Will Love Them.

LED Panel Lights are more energy-efficient compared to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) That is just one of their many advantages. You will love them in all shapes, colours and sizes.

LED lights are heralded as the alternative because they are well on their way to replacing compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) as we go to green lighting technology. Only a few areas remain to be ironed out. A while ago, the brightness and color choices were limited, but that has mostly been sorted out. The only hurdle between LED proliferation is affordability, but prices have significantly improved. Here are a few advantages of LEDs that might make you more affable to this revolutionary technology.

Benefits of LED Panel Lights

For decades, LED lighting featured in various technological applications. They were behind the displays of early digital clocks, cell phone displays, traffic lights, and even outdoor television screens.

LED Panel Light and other LED lighting applications only became practical a few years ago. The technology was initially built on expensive semiconductor technology, making it somewhat costly for consumer lighting applications.

However, recent technological breakthroughs have seen prices of semiconductors drop significantly. The drop in price has seen new and exciting semiconductor applications such as LED strip lighting that are not only excellent in the energy saving department but also environmentally friendly lighting options.

  1. Sustainable Lighting Solution

The magic behind LED bulbs is the movement of electrons. Hence, they do not fail the same way incandescent bulbs or CFLs do, meaning LED Panel Lights last well beyond the lifespan of traditional lighting fixtures. LED bulbs do not die out like regular bulbs do. An LED strip lighting is said to have reached its shelf life when its brightness decreases by a third.

The lifespan of LED bulbs goes well beyond 10,000 hours and it can go beyond this of the bulb, and underlying application is well designed. What might interest you is that LEDs last ten times more than CFLs and 60 times more than incandescent bulbs. So during the lifespan of a single LED bulb, 10 CFLs will have burnt out, and 60 incandescent bulbs will go into the waste basket.

  1. Environmentally Friendly LED Panel Lights

Another advantage of LEDs is that they do not contain mercury like CFLs. Mercury has a nasty ability to build up in living organisms as well as passing up along the food chain. It does not take a lot of this toxic material to pollute an environment. Minimal quantities of mercury can cause harm to humans and animals. In its most lethal form, mercury alters genetic systems, interferes with the immune system and messes up enzyme production in organic life. It even damages the nervous system to boot.

  1. Durability of LED Panel Lights

LEDs are based on solid state technology design. Being a solid state application, LED Strip Lights are top quality applications that are resistant to shocks, unlike incandescent and CFL lighting technology.

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