LED Landscaping lighting – 10 tips to optimise by LED Lighting Solutions

In summer, your terrace and your garden become the heart of the house! To fully enjoy it even on long summer evenings, good outdoor LED Landscaping Lighting is essential. How to illuminate the meals, mark the aisles, highlight the plants? Here are our tips for highlighting your summer evenings.

How to properly light your garden? Each zone has its own outdoor lighting

In summer, the garden is revealed in its best light. The shrubs are in bloom. The massifs exhibit their most beautiful colours. The terrace is a real living space, busy from morning to night. And your exteriors should be welcoming to friends and family who come in for an impromptu barbecue.

Draw the plan of your garden and place the LED Garden lighting points so as to reveal its structure and personality. Take into account the privileged points of view, in particular that which you have from the terrace, central point during all the beautiful season. You can choose, for example, to light only a few flower beds and trees with the densest foliage. The lighting of the garden is a clever mix of shade and light.

Take care of the lighting around the front door, with a LED Downlight fixture above the door to illuminate the lock. To create a welcoming atmosphere when your friends arrive, complement it with indirect LED flood lights to illuminate the wall or nearby vegetation.

Install safe and comfortable lighting for the aisles. No need to choose strong lighting. A few solar beacons or recessed LED Downlights are sufficient. For a decorative effect, illuminate the plants that border them with LED Flood Lights directed towards the foliage to play on the shadow / light contrast. This will draw luminous paths in the night: a charming sight!

Illuminate the steps well, it is essential. Underline the risers by placing LED Spotlights on the aisles facing upwards or illuminate the top of the steps by Placing LED Strip on either side of the staircase.

Install motion detectors to secure all movements in the garden. Very useful when the children are playing in the garden during the evening or when your guests leave in the middle of the night.

Outdoor LED Landscaping Lighting to make your walkways and entryways welcoming.

Even if you have a small space in front of the house, it should be well marked. The lights highlight the facade and secure access. On the wall, appliques indicate the address and the door. Embedded in the low wall of the flower bed, LED spotlights mark out the path. A post lights up the steps for safer travel. For the atmosphere, buried under the vegetation, LED Garden light beams draw pretty shadows.

LED Landscaping Lighting to highlight your beautiful plants.

Green, flowery, voluptuous during the day, your summer plants come alive at night under the effect of lighting.
Moving shadows and unsuspected shapes are projected by the posts or  LED spotlights embedded under the foliage, stuck at the foot of the trunks or interspersed in the rows of plants.

An illuminated terrace for long evenings using LED Landscaping Lighting

In summer, the terrace becomes a real living room. On both sides, posts or in-line recessed LED Downlights highlight the green walls; they are completed by led strips installed on the underside of the coating.
The wall sconces on the facade diffuse the main lighting, while the floor lamp recreates the living room atmosphere outside. Also think about the light garlands which give a bohemian atmosphere to your terrace. The terrace is the privileged place for all decorative lighting.

Lighting for the facade or enclosure walls with LED Landscaping Lighting.

The fence wall, whether stone or plaster, becomes a decorative support, just like inside the house.
Recessed spotlights play with the reliefs of the construction. Of LED strip  frame the trellises, tables transformed into glittering.
Small spotlights stuck in the foliage cast their shadows.

Nomadic lighting that is easy to live with in summer

Once loaded, the nomadic lights follow you wherever you want. They can give a festive air to your terrace, accompany the children in their nocturnal games at the bottom of the garden, or temporarily illuminate this magnificent flowering tree.
The Elo lamp is one of them! With its 10-hour battery life and elegant design, you will put it down, move it and create a new decor every evening. Tactile, it turns on and off by simple contact.
All solar lights are easy to move since they are not connected to the electricity grid. Think about it to change the LED lighting according to the season.

How many lumens for LED Landscaping Lighting?

If you have a swimming pool, light it up at night. First of all for safety reasons of course, LED recessed spots or posts are the best lighting for the periphery of the swimming pool.
And if you want to organize gatherings around the pool in the evening, you can light up the surroundings such as a terrace with lampposts, light balls or even hanging lamps if your pool is surrounded by plants.

For your safety, comply with outdoor lighting standards

Due to the risks associated with the external environment (rain, frost, sun, etc.), the electrical installation of your garden must comply with safety rules resulting from standard NF C 15-100.

Here are some key points for outdoor lighting:

  • For each circuit, provide a 30 mA differential switch.
  • Over the surface on which light reflects is clear, unless you need power.
  • Beware of glare: if you use powerful halogen spotlights, equip them with reflectors or integrate them into the foliage.
  • Provide mobile equipment around the beds, to be moved according to their growth. Solar is a good idea.
  • In the garden, increasing the number of light sources is recommended, but not excessively! It is the play of shadow and light that dramatizes a garden.

Each exterior lighting has its function

1. Wall lights and suspensions

    • Facade
    • Porch and awning
    • Garage access

2. Street lights

    • Play area
    • Trees, beds and lawns
    • Driveway
    • Terrace

3. The terminals and tags

    • Garage access
    • Trees, beds and lawns
    • Driveway and terrace

4. Led Downlights

    • Mark a path
    • Brighten a terrace
    • Trees and beds
    • Steps

5. Table lamps

    • Terrace
    • Nomadic lighting

6. The projectors

    • Facade, porch and awning
    • Trees, beds and lawns
    • Garage access



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