LED Downlight an energy efficient and pleasant ambient lighting option for commercial and residential aplications

A LED Downlight can impact on how our offices, homes, and buildings look and feel. With more new energy-efficient bulbs flooding the lighting aisle, it makes sense to get LED bulbs that work and function efficiently for your specific room and space. The LED Downlight is an ideal option when you want to have lighting that is energy efficient and offers aesthetic design and look of your space. At LED Lighting, we offer a range of LED Downlighting to help with your lighting needs.

Why Choose a LED Downlight from LED Lighting?

We are living in times when everyone is conscious about their budget. We all want to reduce our energy bills, and it’s important we consider the kind of lighting we have in our workplaces and homes. Lighting in Australia accounts for 12 percent of the energy output. A  downlight is considered more energy efficient when compared to the old-school, energy-hungry light globes.

When comparing incandescent globes with LED light bulbs, you should look at the life span of these bulbs. Incandescent bulbs will last about 1000 hours at most, whilst LED light bulbs can go for about 25,000 to 50,000 hours. That’s a huge difference!

Initially, you may find a LED Downlights to be a little more expensive than halogen globes and compact fluorescent light bulbs. However, you can save up to 90 percent of your energy consumption meaning you will have more money in your pocket over time. A LED Downlight consume about 85 percent less energy when compared to traditional or halogen lighting. You can save up to 30 percent energy when compared to CFL lights.

Using LED bulbs allows you to save on the budget and maintenance of your bulbs. Led Downlights are long-lasting, often lasting up to 10,000 or even more hours. The bulbs allow for lower temperatures as well as a cooler environment in the offices and homes. A  downlight doesn’t contain Mercury that is found in light globes like CFLs, meaning they are easy to clean if a globe breaks. They are of little health risk to workers in your offices or the family and pets at home.

At LED Lighting we offer different types of LED Downlighting including Recessed Retrofit Baffle Downlights, a Recessed Retrofit LED Downlight, and a Recessed Ceiling Downlight.

Sleek and Stylish Lighting

A LED Downlight offers a sleek and stylish design, while also being unobstructive. If you are not fond of lighting fixtures that hang from your ceiling, you will find these bulbs very appealing. When installed, they appear as if they are part of the room’s ceiling instead of appearing like they are attached to it. These light bulbs come in different designs and you can find those that appeal to your taste and at the same time complement the surrounds of your room. Whether you want a source of light to complete a specific project, or you want some mood lighting for that intimate dinner, you will find a downlight is an ideal choice. They offer versatility meaning you can get a light for any situation. In addition, these light bulbs provide customized lighting options.

Where Can you Use Our LED Downlight?

You can use a LED Downlight in various places including the kitchen and bathrooms. You can illuminate the trafficked rooms in your home, or office spaces without encountering high maintenance. Another location you can use the light bulbs is in hallways. You can install them on the ceiling to offer general ambient lighting in the offices, homes, and public facilities. The light bulbs can also be installed in retail stores, hospitals, museums, showrooms, galleries, hotels, workrooms, stairways, corridors, and lobbies.

Depending on where you want to fit a LED Downlight, talk to us and our professional team will provide you with the right option to suit your needs!

We supply a wide variety of fibre cables through Optic Fibre Lighting, which can be used for end emitting (end glow), side emitting or (side glow), side sparkle for decorative effect fibre optic lighting applications and last but not least bare fibre which is used for star ceilings.

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