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LED Strip & Profile Warehouse & Fabrication Facility
LED Strip & Profile Warehouse & Fabrication Facility
16 Nov 2018
7:45 AM
Posted By : LED Lighting
Welcome to our LED Strip & Profile Warehouse & Fabrication Facility

Assembly Facility01Assembly Facility02

The major advantage we have is that we can customise, fabricate and assemble various types of linear led strip and profile right here in our inner Sydney South facility. Choose from our wide range of various quality intensity LED strips on offer (we can also assist with the sometimes difficult choice process) through to aesthetic exteriors by choosing the colour of aluminium to suit, as well as the ever so important colour temperature of the LEDS within usually being either warm or cool white.


Depending on the application we also have a wide range of dimmable control gear to energise your led strip lighting whether it is white or an RGBW colour changing option we have the knowhow to integrate with any stand alone, Dynalite and or C-Bus control system.

No project is too big or small, we offer exceptional service in which our business has been built and founded on, spanning over 17 years. Our in-house fabrication and assembly service allows us to work with and to assist the contractor / installer on site, taking the pain and heartache out of “expensive onsite installations cost” which also allows us to stay close to the people in the final installation phase, where our product finally comes to LIGHT.

Having both the product, design knowledge, and a modern facility gives us that competitive edge to create that custom linear LED Strip Lighting WOW factor, illuminating places and space never seen before. It also keeps us in tune with the electrical contractors that buy our products ensuring the installation is carried out as it should with minimal fuss and essentially giving them and their client, the end user, precisely what they imagined and purchased -  FIRST TIME EVERYTIME.

Check out our New Archi-Lite 4th Edition E-Catalogue or contact us now!

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chris yiorkas
21 Nov 2019

please give me prices for 8 pieces of led strip 1450 long (thoses led strip going in display freeze must be waterproof

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