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The benefits and versatility of LED lighting is anormance, and LED Lighting Solutions has taken the lighting industry by storm. Their adaptive nature, directional lighting and durability make them the best choice for just about any lighting application.

It’s amazing to think that just a couple of years ago, people thought of LEDs as nothing more than tiny red lights inside their laser points. But after the energy-efficiency advantages of LED lights became apparent, they are now used in almost every application, in homes and businesses. You find LED lights in vehicle headlights, TVs and today, they are fitting them in wallpapers and clothes.

So what makes LED lighting different from traditional lighting fixtures? Well, for starters, LED lights are more compact compared to traditional lights. You may already know some traditional lighting fixtures such as halogen lamps and fluorescent lights. These two lighting technologies came before LED with each showing considerable technological improvement over its predecessor, but they are bulky compared to LED lights. Imagine trying to fit fluorescent lighting fixtures on clothes.

Another advantage of LED lighting is that they eat up less power. So if you replace your halogen garden lighting, for example, with a LED strip lighting, you will notice a significant drop in your power bill. LEDs are almost at par with fluorescents in terms of luminous efficacy, but with rapid change in technology, they will surpass them in soon.

Another advantage of LED lighting is their fixture efficacy. What this means with LED lighting, you can take advantage of directional lighting if your application demands it. LEDs are directional in nature. They emit light in one direction, unlike fluorescent or halogen lighting that light up everything. If you are wondering how directional lighting could be useful, imagine if you only wanted to highlight a certain space, leaving the rest of the room completely dark. Fluorescent lighting and halogen lighting would light up the whole space.

Another advantage that LEDs have over other lighting fixtures is their durability. You do not have to pay for new bulbs, because they hardly burn out which makes them environmentally friendly. So when you install LED Strips in your ductless heat pumps, you will rarely have to replace the LED bulbs.

If by now you are not convinced to swap LEDs for your current lighting fixtures, here is an example of an awesome LED strip profiles that will change the ambience of any space to suit your needs.

Virtual Sky with LED Lighting

Research from a renowned industrial engineering firm, Fraunhofer IAO found that people are happier and more productive when they sense they are working in a large open field. The engineers at Fraunhofer designed an LED virtual sky panels to replace ceiling panels in offices. These light-laced panels mimic the sky, which is a nice change from the constantly flickering harsh fluorescent lights. Since studies show that natural lighting improves productivity by upwards of 15%, the LED virtual sky panel could lead to more work getting done.

A virtual sky is just one example of the benefits and versatility of LED lighting.

All applications of LED lighting are price competitive, because of the durable nature of the fixtures as well as their energy efficacy.

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