LED Dimmer – Wireless DMX Decoder for DMX Transmitter

LED-LT-874S-5A 4CH CV DMX decoder with OLED display, receiving standard DMX512 protocol data wirelessly, use with our LED-LT-870S wireless emitter, supporting point to point, point to multi-point communication. One emitter can match multiple receivers if using the same ID, self-testing function also available.


Input Voltage 5-24VDC
Input Control Signal DMX
No. of Output Channels 4
Max Output Current 5A Per Channel
Max Output Power 60W/120W (12V/24V)
Dimensions (LxWxH/mm) 175x44x30mm
Operating Temp -30~55 Deg C
IP Rating IP20
Weight 175g
Housing Material PVC
Housing Colour White
Approval CE/Rohs
Item Number Product Code Description
17080 LED-LT-874S-5A LED-LT-874S-5A

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