LED Dimmer – LED-DTK3

The LED-DK3  1-10V Electronic Controller s a low cost controller for controlling dimmable analogue electronic ballasts (these must be controllable using a 1 to 10 volts DC control signal) in fluorescent lighting, LED Drivers and PWM units for LED lighting.The DTK3 1-10V Electronic Controller uses a shunt voltage regulation technique to enable the small current supplied by the ballast, driver or PWM unit to power the controller and subsequently does not need any additional power supply for operation where this current is supplied by the equipment being controlled. The DTK3 1-10V Electronic Controller can also be used in conjunction with a Digital Interface Unit (DSI-AD) for digitally controllable electronic ballasts.


Item Number Product Code Description
21042 LED-DTK3-1-10V rotary dimming pot

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