Typical Applications

  • EVO E8R Commercial LED Lighting is ideal for Office lighting, shop lighting,corridor lighting

EVO E8R Commercial LED lighting Features

  • E8R Commercial LED Downlights are designed with excellent heatsink and flexible installation. The interchaneable mounted ring is twisted&lock; rotatable fixing clip is adaptable to 1-45 mm thickness ceiling
  • The high-grade EVO E8R Commercial LED Lighting optical diffuser and multi-faceted reflector provide softer light for more appealing interiors.. Glare cut-off 25° UGR<19
  • Different mounted ring and reflector styles are optional to fulfill different aesthetic design requirements.
  • Lumen Range: 1200-3500 Lm and Wattage Range: 15-50W; Beam Angle:70°


  • Fixture: Die-cast Aluminium (Mounted ring color: matt white )
  • Diffuser: high grade PMMA (No yellowing in 30 years);
  • Reflector: Aluminium with high reflective AL plating
  • Weight: 1640g


  • Achieve comfortable light ambient with EVO E8R Commercial LED Lighting
  • Replace 26W,32W,2*18W,2*26W,2*32W CFL downlight with EVO E8R Commercial LED Lighting for a 50% energy saving
  • Replace 35W,70W HID downlight with EVO E8R Commercial LED Lighting for a 30-50% energy saving


Item Number Product Code Description
08056 Evo E8R-32C-27K 33W 2700K 3200Lumens Mains Dimmable
08057 Evo E8R-32C-3K 33W 3000K 3200Lumens Mains Dimmable
08058 Evo E8R-32C-4K 33W 4000K 3200Lumens Mains Dimmable
08059 Evo E8R-32C-55K 33W 5500K 3200Lumens Mains Dimmable

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