Architectural LED Lighting

“LED Lighting Solutions” a division of Optic Fibre and LED Lighting Solutions, based in Kingsgrove, Sydney Australia and established in 2001, are the fastest growing quality architectural “Fibre Optic & LED Lighting” specialist supplier in Australia. We are one of very few truly specialist “Fibre Optic” lighting suppliers left in the country.

We are the leading Architectural Manufacturer and Wholesale Lighting Company who specialise exclusively in “LED and Fibre Optic lighting technologies. Our knowledge and experience in this field is second to none, along with our continued increase in local sales and mainly due to the thriving United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Asia markets and even greater acceleration in export sales.

Our products are a very customised form of lighting which requires a high level of design knowledge.  More often this form of lighting is required to be designed into projects before it can be sold or before construction even begins.

With technology evolving at lightning speed, in 2004 we saw huge potential in LED lighting technology, which was the perfect alternative to our existing specialised fibre optic lighting business. Since then, we have remained at the forefront of both lighting technologies, having engineered, designed, and supplied various custom forms of LED lighting products, specific to certain projects both in Australia and abroad.


Our core market is medium to high end projects, ranging from government and commercial to high end residential projects. In recent time we have been working very closely with “Energy Auditors” across Australia, as some of our products have “IPart Approval” which can be used in the NSW (ESC) Energy Saving Scheme. Selected products are also eligible to be used in the latest (OE&H) Office of Environment & Heritage Government Tender rollouts. We also work alongside Australia’s best Lighting Designers, Electrical Engineers, Architects, and Interior Designers.

It is a very exciting time to be involved in the lighting industry, having pioneered LED Lighting in Australia, our passion is to continue working on elite intricate projects Nationally & Internationally to illuminate places or spaces in ways never thought possible.


LED Lighting” is the perfect choice for any professional or owner seeking lighting advice and using only the very latest in Led Lighting and Fibre Optic lighting technologies. The primary focus of LED Lighting is to offer energy efficient and sustainable lighting products and a higher standard of service and support. Our highly trained staff can assist our core clientele of architects, interior designers, lighting designers and electrical engineers with the supply of quality fibre optic and LED lighting products.


At LED Lighting our passion lies in assisting elite professionals in designing and supplying lighting systems that can be integrated in applications never seen before, let’s say “to create that, “WOW” factor.” If you are looking for Custom LED Strip lighting – Architectural Led Strip Lights & Profile Range – Linear Strip Lighting – Custom Made LED Strip Lighting – Inhouse Profile Painting facility – Specifiers Choice  – Commercial Led Strips – Hi-End Residential LED Strip LightsLED Panel Light – Architectural LED Downlights – Dali Dimmable Downlights – LED Strip Feature Lighting – Evo LED Downlights – Archi-Lite LED Strip & Profile range – LED Drivers and Control gear, and Commercial LED DownlightLED Strip Profiles plus so much more, contact the professionals at LED Lighting Solutions.

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